Medical Release Form

This form is good for one year from the digital signed date. Please make sure to have on one file for any event that goes off campus. 

>> Download Medical Release Form here!

Complete form. Save it. And send it to

Meet the Leader Monday!

Hey Quake Leaders!! We have had some new students join us this school year in person, as well as on our social media and  we want to give them a chance to learn more about you as leaders, no matter what role you take on with Quake!! Fill out this super quick form to be featured on the Instagram and Facebook as part of Meet the Leaders Monday!! We appreciate all you do!!

Student Spotlight!

Hey hey Quake fam!! You all are SUPER amazing and we want to give you the chance to be featured on Quake's social media!! Fill out this form and over the remainder of the school year you'll be featured!!