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Video Bio Instructions

First off, congratulations!!! 

We want honor and celebrate you on Sunday, May 24. My hope was that we would be back to in the church building by then, but that is not going to happen.

So, we'd like you to put together a very, very simple video of yourself telling us these things:

1) Your Name

2) Where you graduated from

3) Future plans (career, college and studying ___, next steps, etc)

A few tips for recording a good video:

• Record it in Landscape Mode (like a movie)

• Wear your cap and gown (nice clothes if you don't have a cap & gown).

• Have good lighting (natural lighting from the sun is great).

• Have little to no noise in the background.

• Please give a few seconds on both sides of the video with nothing being recorded for transitions

Email it to and title the email "Graduation Video Bio - [Your Name]" by MONDAY, MAY 18 BY MIDNIGHT!

If you have questions, please reach out to Mark at